Monday, August 16, 2010

Astrology Wars

I got on Rob Brezsny's website to see if I could find that book of his that I read in 1983, and was embarrassed to discover that it actually wasn't him at all.

What I had completely forgotten in the intervening 25 years was the battle of astrologers going on in Santa Cruz at the time... one of them (I think it was Rob B) had his column in the weekly Good Times paper, and the other, whose name was ROBERT COLE, had his column in the Santa Cruz Daily Sentinel. The town was divided pretty evenly in their allegiance to one or the other of them, much as the world is split between Coke and Pepsi, though, unlike the soda partisans, the astrology factions were dogmatic snobs and witheringly critical of one another, not unlike Republicans and Democrats today.

The only thing I could remember this morning was Cole so I googled Santa Cruz/ astrology/ cole and discovered that he died in 1992 of AIDS. So I guess that whatever clarification we can get from him about his theories will have to be by seance.

There was a restaurant in SC that was open only for breakfast called Zachary's where everyone in town met on Sunday mornings, so that the wait outside was up to 2 1/2 hours. We used to sign in and then walk down to the Boardwalk and by the time we got back we were seated. Anyway it was the place to go if you wanted to catch sight of either of the astrology czars. We wanted to sponsor a Wizard's Duel down on the Seacliff Beach because it was a very dramatic setting with overarching cliffs for the audience. The beach was to be empty except for Rob and Robert doing, oh you know, transits in the sand with wild conjunctions and perilous trines, until some juncture in the action when suddenly everyone would storm down out of the poppies like a flood and enjoy a bloody melee. TBM

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