Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthing to the Ethers

As the Age of Pisces ends, the water in which the fish has been swimming for two thousand years will be emptied out of the jug (as the Water Bearer age begins) so that the fish must, as in other corresponding evolutionary times, find a new way to live through a creative adaption that is more self-dependent.

I see a clear correlation here: I lose my job, my father dies and two safety nets are gone...both of them waters in which I swam that supported me and upon which I was dependent.

My goal now: to adapt to the new world in such a way that I am reliant only upon my own wellspring of resources.

The development of a healthy person in the realm of social interaction will always lead away from dependence upon using others' energy through manipulation to a self-reliance that finds its own innate energy source within.

I have a terrific store of accomplished works that I can harvest now through the internet in a way to generate income. I am unlimited in creativity so that once this new generation is in place the opportunity to expand it, and in the process, serve the planet will provide endless support.

Q: So how does the water mammal learn to walk on land?

A: Wrong question. The water being becomes a sky being.